This series will feature an on-screen Venturers; Sara Nicole and Julie Cardona.
Each episode will open with Julie, on location, introducing where she will be and what she will be doing in this episode.
Cut to Sara who will do the same.


Julie is confident and powers through most of the ventures like a pro. Occasionally, she comes up against a venture that challenges her,
but she always concludes with a definate 'Woo-Hoo' moment.
Sara is a bit less confident but accepts the challenge and jumps right in. Sometimes experiencing a shakey start, quickly comes up to speed, and emerges with a new confidence and skill.

On some occasions, these roles are reversed - as each venturer meets / exceeds their comfort zone.

Potential senarios - Example Episode:
Julie introduces her location and gives a brief overview of their days' plan - Sara does the same.
Sara goes kayaking at La Jolla Shores - comes back and has lunch at a selected local eatery.
Julie Goes out on a racing sail boat - interviews the skipper. Back on shore, interviews the dockside business owner.
After kayaking, Sara wants to learn more about the local marine life - visits Birch Aquarium at Scripps - interviews a marine scientist.
Julie, After sailing, describes SeaPort Village as she walks through, meets up with Sara, eats at a selected local eatery and recap their ventures.
Closing segment - interweave plugs for selected (sponsoring) restaurants, hotels, sports outfitters, etc.
Credit roll.

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